Auditions Nationwide for our Protea Green-and-Gold Orchestra in 2018! 

The National Youth Orchestra 2018 applications close on 23 February.

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 Every applicant will do a recorded audition in February/March 2018. This will count towards all courses you apply for and additional “What It Takes” programmes that are designed for smaller groups and that are instrument-specific (these happen at various points throughout the year).
All programmes are resident programmes – this means that if you come to a National Youth Orchestra course you stay with your fellow orchestra members at our course venue. We have hostel parents at our courses to make sure you’re well looked after.

If you do more than one National Youth Orchestra Course at a cost of R2 400.00 each then you will get a 50% discount on the second orchestra course.

Financial assistance is available for each course, please do not let that be a barrier to participation.

Our July Winter Course for the National Youth Orchestra includes our special Immersion Experience with the Minnesota Orchestra in August. Side by side rehearsals, attending performances by the first major American orchestra to tour to South Africa, playing chamber music together – life-changing opportunity exclusively for the National Youth Orchestra 2018.

Our December Summer Course for the National Youth Wind Orchestra takes place in Cape Town this year. #HeartOrchestra