Founded in 1964, we are the foundation behind the official green-and-gold National Youth Orchestras for South Africa
In its sparkling history, the foundation has hosted annual orchestra courses, concerts, international and national tours and workshops for young musicians, and has become one of South Africa’s most successful music institutions.


Our training pathway has been created to nurture the musical development of South Africa’s finest young musicians, from emerging gifted school-age students to those on the verge of a professional career. Our faculty is sourced from the best orchestras across South Africa and the world and along the way our concerts bring delight to thousands. We work to improve training around every aspect of running and playing in an orchestra.


We believe in our country in all of her diversity – and just like an orchestra has different instruments, we have different cultures – we know that participation in a youth orchestra programme teaches collaboration, tolerance and the spirit of social cohesion in the best possible way – by sharing a common musicl experience. Our students go on to fill 70% of the positions in South African Orchestras and enrich the nation’s musical landscape

We believe in access to education for all young, talented and deserving musicians, and through our Bursary Fund we have been able to give equal access
to our programmes to musicians regardless of financial or geographical barriers to participation. We also help young musicians access local and international opportunities through music scholarships and our worldwide network of partners.

We are a feeder system for the professional music industry, and we work with top artists from a school-aged musicians, to those starting their professional careers. Our alumni makes up 70% of the professional South Africans in our orchestras, and are placed in some of the best orchestras in the world.

Contributing tot South Africa’s rich cultural tapestry the orchestra also preserves and contributes to the vibrant culture of our country by performing local music and encouraging new work alongside our traditional orchestral programmes.

Over fifty years of committment to young musicians has made the South African National Youth Orchestra Foundation one of South Africa’s most successful music institutions. The Foundation supports the training and development of South Africa’s young musicians through national courses, national and international tours and workshops and network s nationally to assist all youth orchestra programmes to function optimally.

Our concerts are typically held at the end of orchestra courses in the July and December holidays in different South African cities. The orchestra has toured to the United Kingdom, Russia, France, Israel and Germany.

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